Turbogold is a modern and fast cryptocurrency that is energy efficient with high rewards for masternodes supporting the network. To allow people with small budgets to own masternodes nodes have been sold at presale for 100$ each.
Mining: PoS + PoW + MN


Our wallet is a multi-platform software. We support Microsoft Windows (From Windows XP to Windows 10) and Linux. To stake your coins and earn staking interest you do need to run your wallet on your desktop computer or use a staking pool which does this for you (we are looking forward to starting a staking pool soon!).


Wallet Download

Download Windows wallet.

Download Linux wallet.

Download Mac wallet.
The mac wallet is built for the latest Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, please use the software WINE to run the windows wallet on your mac if this native mac wallet does not work for you.


Source Code

If you want to compile the wallet manually or look through the source code, you can do that on GitHub: https://github.com/zero24x/turbogold