Turbogold is a modern and fast cryptocurrency that is energy efficient with high rewards for masternodes supporting the network. To allow people with small budgets to own masternodes nodes have been sold at presale for 100$ each.
Mining: PoS + PoW + MN


Our project has a vision which consists of the following 3 main points. Everyone of our team is encouraged to follow this mission and it has high priority for us that we work in that direction.


We provide you a stable wallet and blockchain that will just work. We avoid making forks, wallet updates and other experiments.

High MN Rewards

Masternode owners get 75% of the staking block rewards. We want that our coinholders profit from buying and holding coins.

Coins for everyone

We support all 3 mining approaches - so people can mine using mining hardware or just keep coins in their wallets for staking or own MNs.