Turbogold is a modern and fast cryptocurrency that is energy efficient with high rewards for masternodes supporting the network. To allow people with small budgets to own masternodes nodes have been sold at presale for 100$ each.
Mining: PoS + PoW + MN


 How to mine: Our coin can be mined using proof-of-work, proof-of-stake or by holding Masternodes by anyone.

 Staking calculator: Use our staking calculator here to find out how many coins you need in your wallet for getting frequent stake rewards.

Important resources


Staking pools

If you cannot run the wallet 24/7 on your computer (needed for getting good staking reward results), join a staking pool. They run a managed wallet 24/7 for you and have enough coins to stake very often.


Masternode information

This websites shows you how many masternodes we have in the network and informations about them. It also shows how many coins a masternode earns daily, yearly etc. and what the return of investment is.


Masternode pools

Do you want to own a Masternode but dont have enough coins to afford one? Just join one of the following shared Masternode pools that allow you to get a stake in a masternode. That means you e.g. pay 1/3 of the coins and get 1/3 (minus a small fee) of the Masternode rewards.


Mining pools

AsiaPool.Trade – Official partner pool
Quantum Mining Pool


Coin info

Algo: Scrypt
Masternodes: Yes, they get 75% of the rewards. Collateral: 800 TURBOGOLD.
Mining: PoS (2 coins per block – 0.5 to staker, 1.5 to Masternode) + PoW (dynamic)
Max. supply: 10 Billion
Stake age: Min: 1hour, Max: Unlimited
Block time: 2 Minutes
Premine: 300 Million (3% – For presale, projects costs like marketing and exchanges)

PoW rewards: Block 1-22320: 8 Coins, after that 2 coins.